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Experienced & Competent Lighting Design in Los Angeles

An Emmy-award winning lighting design company, the crew at Darkfire Lighting Design has experience in a wide variety of top-rated television shows. We’ve worked with major productions like The Voice and World of Dance, to pilots that grew into hits like Shark Tank.
Founded in 2007, Darkfire has become a company of highly touted lighting directors and production professionals who have worked on countless programs, helping bridge the gap between live-show lighting and television lighting design.
Deeply rooted in the entertainment business as an industry leader in all things lighting and visual, our team stays focused on innovating and developing the next great production’s signature look – never missing the important processes that led us where we are today. From hiring vendors to rigging, planning and programming to testing, our team focuses on each step of the production scope using the latest technology and our unmatched expertise to keep your show looking its best.

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back


High Quality Of Work

Our team believes in delivering high-quality work every day, for any production, from the beginning of the show until the end. From our executive leadership through our production team , every employee at Darkfire cares a great deal for the importance of lighting design and has the experience and technical knowledge to show for it.


Long-Lasting Working Relationships

The only thing we focus on more than lighting is the client. Our company philosophy revolves around keeping our customers at the forefront of what we’re doing, providing them a helping hand in delivering their vision into the world. In the long run, we work to be an extension of our client, part of the larger team at hand.


Unmatched Processes & Guidance

Our team creates pro-active plans and protocols to help guide every production that we work on, laying out detailed timelines and organizing all the necessary pieces for every asset of the show’s lighting design. With insightful direction and careful planning, the Darkfire crew has resources and experience necessary to carry out your design from start to finish, night in and night out.


Real-World Experience & Expertise

After decades in the industry, the team at Darkfire continues to innovate and design some of the best light integrations in the television and live event production world. From dramatic to exciting, somber to cheerful, our crew has created lighting for almost every situation possible.

Lighting Your Vision

We work with any budget, large or small, and focus on helping to mold the vision of creators across a variety of platforms. From major networks to first-time showrunners, we look forward to helping any client, whether helping guide them through their first pilot or working with them to improve their lighting plan for next season. And, because lighting needs can change quickly, our crew remains flexible and agile, ready to move when our clients say ‘action.’ From game show to variety show, pilot to finale, we enjoy discovering the right light for almost any program.

We Love Pilots

We’ve worked on some of the biggest shows in television, but every show has to start somewhere. We believe every pilot deserves a chance and, from the beginning, we will help you and your team light the way to your future success. 

We Specialize In

Production Scope and Planning
Executive Consulting
Creative Styling
3D Modeling and Pre-Vis
Control Systems Design
Automated Lighting
Media Server Integration
Electrical Planning

Our Clients

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