Brandon Davis

Lighting Director

Brandon Davis is a 3rd generation lighting director. Brandon grew up with a grandfather who was an LD from the 1950s through the ’70s, and a father who took over the reins from the 70’s to the mid-2000s. Lighting has been in Brandon’s blood his whole life.

At a young age, Brandon started working in a local lighting rental shop, learning the ins and the outs of all the equipment. Brandon quickly developed a solid foundation and started working on set more and more. Brandon met Oscar and quickly became part of the Darkfire Lighting Design team, where he has continued to refine and build upon his skill set.

Brandon’s recent projects include: World of Dance, Making the Cut, Ultimate Surfer, Don’t, Cannonball, and The Contender. When Brandon is not at work, he enjoys spending time in Glamis with his family and friends.

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