Clifford Myers

Lead System Technician

After graduating from Calabasas High School, Clifford joined the team at the Los Angeles branch of Vari*Lite Inc., a world-renowned lighting company. After spending a few months on the shop floor, He proved himself to be a smart, organized technician as was sent to the Vari*Lite company headquarters in Dallas Texas where he was trained as a lead tech.

He spent many years as either a lead tech or supervisor for a number of large lighting productions across North America, including work on The Academy Awards and the movie, Batman Forever.

As more work kept him home in Los Angeles, he joined IATSE 728 in 2006. Not long after, he was asked to join the Darkfire team as the lead tech most (if not all) of Darkfire’s productions. His organizing and technical skills can be witnessed on many Darkfire shows including, The Voice, Shark Tank, and The Bachelor.

When not on site for a show, Clifford can be found in his garage working on old cars, or “on the road” at different hot rod events around the world.

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